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Immigration Law and Employer Compliance: A New Era for Employer Liability

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Learn the ins and outs of immigration law compliance - before you're faced with a lawsuit. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced stepped-up efforts against employers of undocumented immigrants, including more criminal and civil prosecutions and higher civil fines. Many companies take a head-in-the-sand approach, thinking their paperwork is in order - or hoping they won't get caught. Are you willing to bet the ranch on your company's future? Attend this seminar and learn how to conduct your own internal I-9 audit, implement immigration strategies, and know how to deal with an ICE enforcement action or sheriff's raid. The training and tips in this seminar are invaluable to your company managing risks and ensuring compliance with various laws. Benefits for You • Stay up-to-date on federal immigration proposals • Know the importance of fully completing the Form I-9 • Learn about the new I-9 • Learn strategies for immigration compliance and protecting your company • Learn the nuts and bolts of using the E-Verify program • Learn about government contracts include FAR requirements • Learn how to respond to ICE audits • Learn how to respond to SSA no match letters Learning Objectives • You will be able to discuss recent immigration proposals. • You will be able to explain the Legal Arizona Workers' Act. • You will be able to identify strategies for immigration compliance and protecting your company. • You will be able to review government contracts, FAR requirements and E-Verify.

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August 28, 2013