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May It Please The Court - Effective Case Presentation at Trial

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This basic-to-intermediate level seminar is designed to provide trial attorneys of all levels of experience with practical tips on trial presentation and working with witnesses. Event Description Skillfully present your case in court using tips from the pros! Would you like to tap into the secrets of veteran litigators and win more cases? Your chance is here! Join us for an engaging study and discussion to gain the skills of experienced courtroom attorneys and practical pointers that you can use during your next trial. Enroll today! • Use litigation support service to practice building a sympathetic jury and minimize surprises.
• Deliver a compelling opening statement for a favorable first impression.
• Leverage 20 tips that will transform your trial presentation from ordinary to extraordinary.
• Object to your opponent’s argument without alienating the judge or jury.
• Time your objections wisely to give them maximum impact. • Guide your witnesses in providing persuasive and compelling testimony.
• Diminish the influence of opposing testimony: know how to limit responses and highlight prior inconsistencies.
• Be persuasive: use easy, inexpensive technology to tell a compelling story.
• Learn the five keys to a powerful and effective closing statement.

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June 14, 2013