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The firm's team of professionals is passionate about helping people understand the complexity of the immigration processes and will assist clients with their immigration needs.

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The Cavanagh Law Firms provides legal representation in cases relating to:

  • I-9 and Immigration Compliance, E-Verify, ICE and Worksite Enforcement.
  • Employment based business immigration, including assisting professional workers (H-1B), aliens of extraordinary ability (O-1 and EB-1), business transferees (L-1), TN visas, PERM, I-140, etc.
  • Family based immigration and waivers, including fiance visas, spouse visas, child visas, parent visas and sibling visas.  Provisional Waivers (I-601A) and J-1 Waivers of the 2-year home residency requirement, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and Deferred Action for Parental Authority (DAPA).
  • Asylum - assisting people who fear prosecution in their homeland achieve safety in the United States.
  • Green card/permanent residency applications.
  • Naturalization/Citizenship applications.

Immigration Attorneys

Nunn-Gilman, Heidi

Senior Member

Pace, Julie A.

Senior Member

Selden, David A.

Senior Member